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5 Day Forecast – 100s of Laughs, 10 Shows, & 1 Singing Event

By June 13, 20185 Day Forecast
The 5-Day Forecast at UP Improv

In the next 5 days we are offering a phenomenal variety of different hilarious performances. Thursday brings the closing night of Crossword: An Improvised Game Night. This is also the closing weekend for the lively, Rockprov Fri./Sat. @ 8:30. When was the last time you were at Theatresports? Sunday we start Sing It! Seattle, a fun event where you get to come sing with a bunch of folks for fun. Next week starts the 22nd Seattle International Festival of Improv. You need a break, so come laugh!

Wed. Duo Comedy Showcase 8:30 $5

This is Seattle’s ONLY improv open mic. Each show features multiple two-person teams doing what they do best: creating spontaneous scenes on the fly that are so hilarious, quick-witted and perfectly constructed, it’s hard to believe they are made up on the spot.

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Thurs. Crossword: An Improvised Game Night, 8:30 $10

Bring your funny to fill in the blanks. At the beginning of this unique improv show, an empty crossword puzzle form is presented to the audience. Each scene of the show is a clue to a word that is filled in by the audience. None of the clues, words, games or scenes are prepared, and the puzzle and contents are all improvised. At the end, the audience decides the theme based on looking at the words in the whole puzzle. Performed by Unexpected Productions’ resident narrative improv troupe.

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Fri. & Sat. Improv Happy Hour 7:00 $10

Come play with us and start your weekend with a gigantic smile! You are in for one-hour of spontaneous laughs and a lot of fun! Your suggestions drive our professional improvisers they take to the stage to entertain YOU. The is no script as these pros use 100s of exciting improv games to create uproarious stories right on the spot. We can guarantee your show has never been seen before and will never be seen again. Come make new memories with your friends and family.

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Fri. & Sat. Rockprov 8:30 $15

ROCKprov is an improvised rock and roll concert to benefit a ridiculously fictitious cause, as determined by you and your friends at every show. It’s like Live Aid meets Comic Relief at this benefit bash that’s just for laughs and just for you. Think absurd causes like Save the Snails or Buy Bono New Glasses. You decide each night.

Based on your suggestions, the improvisers and musicians will make up songs on the fly and improvise a few wild celebrity appearances and testimonials. With musical styles ranging from rock to opera, doo-wop, rap and musical theatre, this night of wailing guitar solos and uncontrollable laughter is an outlandish way to raise awareness of the ridiculous.

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Fri./Sat. Theatresports 10:30 $15

There is a buzz of excitement in the air when you enter at the Gum Wall. People are lined up at the concession (where you smell the fresh buttered popcorn) and over at the bar they are serving icy, inexpensive drinks. Everyone is here to laugh. As you enter the theater, you feel the beat from the music. BAM! This is Theatresports.

Seattle’s best weekly, high-stakes, competitive improv tournament. Based on audience suggestion, two teams of improvisers rumble, competing with exciting fast-paced segments improv games, stories, scenes, and a few songs. Boo the judges as they award points to each team. At the end of the night, a team is declared a winner, the person with the best audience suggestion walks out with a prize and you walk out with new memories.

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Sat. Sing It! Seattle, 4:00 – 6:00, $5

Do you sing in the shower, with the radio, in a choir or just to yourself? Sing It Seattle! is for people just like you. At each event, you’ll hear snippets of three popular songs. You vote on your favorite, then as a group, you’ll spend the next 90 minutes learning that song with some totally cool vocal harmonies.

It’s open to everyone regardless of vocal ability. There’s no audition, no commitment and no requirement to read music. Sing it Seattle! is based on music and singing that’s spontaneous, creative and fun.

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Special Events
Seattle International Festival of Improv: Origins

Seattle International Festival of Improvisation in Seattle, Washington, USA June 17th-24th, 2018. The theme for this year’s festival is “Origins”. The origin focus will explore the source materials and inspiration for early improvisation, including the pioneering work of improv masters like Viola Spolin, Del Close, and Keith Johnstone. Many of these origins have been lost or neglected. But more than a “back to basics” the festival will push the art form to new discoveries with an emphasis on true collaboration.

This year’s Festival will feature improvisers from Canada, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden and the USA.

Unexpected Productions’ audiences will have the unique opportunity to see these International masters of improv during evening performances throughout the week.

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