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UP Close with Kaisa Kokko-Palmer: A Live Q&A and Chat 5/29

By May 24, 2021August 18th, 2022The Improv School

Finnish improviser and director, Kaisa Kokko-Palmer, chats with Randy Dixon, Unexpected Productions Artistic Director, at 1:00 PM PDT, Sat. 5/29.

UP Close with Kaisa Kokko-Palmer: A Live Q&A and Chat

Facebook live improv education event. Free and open to all! 5/29 at 1:00 PT NOTE: This will be LIVE on UP’s Facebook page ( Go to videos and click the Live event streaming.

Kaisa Kokko-Palmer (she/her) is an improv artist and teacher from Finland. Kaisa has studied improvisation (iO Chicago, Unexpected Productions Seattle, Loose Moose in Calgary), music, special education, communication skills, various forms of dancing and musical instruments, and has Masters in Education. She has been improvising for 16 years and has performed and taught improvisation and applied improvisation around the world, in Sweden, Estonia, Poland, The Netherlands, Ireland, Costa Rica, Peru, the United States, Canada, and Australia to mention a few.
Kaisa was a part of the ensemble at theater company Improvisaatioteatteri JOO! for 14 years and has toured around the world performing and teaching for the past 10. Kaisa tours with her duo partner and wife Sara Palmer and together they are Crocodile Paws. Her other duo partner is Julia Petäjä and they create improvised two-person musicals together. Kaisa is the co-founder (2018) and co-artistic director of Impro Helsinki, which is a theatre company and training center for improvisation in Helsinki, Finland.
Both in performing and teaching, and also outside the impro world Kaisa values deep meaningful connections, sturdy relationships, invested listening, and emotional availability. Besides her day-to-day work in Impro Helsinki, Kaisa teaches communication skills to teachers around Finland and travels the world teaching, performing, and learning new things on the way – thus having the wonderful opportunity to do what she loves.
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