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Let’s get ready to rumble.  Here are this weekend’s Theatresports teams

Friday 10:30 PM – Seattle TheatreSports
Lights: Tim Harnahan
Sound: Kim Yates
MC: Dave Johnson
Team 1: Susie Simpkins, Mark Shone, Ashley Flannagan
Team 2: Jana Hutchinson, Ron Hippe, Jeannine Clarke
Judges: Obadiah Freeman, Bryan Wells, Cheryl Platz

Saturday 10:30 PM – Seattle TheatreSports
Lights: Jeff Greyson
Sound: Kim Yates
Music: Alex
MC: Dan Posluns
Team 1: Rich Hawkins, Melissa Reeves, Tiffany Swanson
Team 2: Chris Last, Greg Stakehouse, John Stevens
Judges: Jeannine Clarke, Adrienne Corcoran, Luke Chumera

TheaterSports, all the way! They are goofy, silly, funny, unabashed, clever, witty people. I didn’t know what to expect before going but found myself laughing at practically everything they did or said. This is improv comedy at its finest. Lea A., 5 stars, Yelp