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The Origins and Evolution of Long-form Improv with Ed Greenberg

By November 5, 2018August 18th, 2022Specialty Classes, Uncategorized

The workshop will explore the origins of long-form improvisation – the birth of “Harold” – its evolution to date and some future potentialities. Through games, scene work, and long-form jams, we’ll take a deep dive into Del Close’s vision: to create a theatrical art form that gives actors the time and space to explore any theme in depth from multiple perspectives.
A central goal of the workshop will be to challenge players to make choices outside of their normal “go tos” (new games specifically designed for this purpose will be used). And, Del’s tenet to create comedy based on real people behaving honestly will be very much in the mix.
Each day’s session will include improvisations informed by some of today’s cutting-edge scientific theories (theories that Del the scientist/artist seemed to intuit and apply in his work decades ago). Both sessions will conclude with long-form improv on the theme of the players’ experience of the day.

Date: November 10th & 11th
Time: 10AM-4PM (with an hour lunch break at 1pm)
Location: Unexpected Productions Improv School
650 South Orcas, Suite 101 Seattle WA 98108
Maximum Students: 20
Cost: $200 ($211.49 with fees)
Prerequisite: None, 18+

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