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The Cotton Gin: An Improvised Puppet Show for Grown-Up Opens Tonight

By January 4, 2019Uncategorized
The Cotton Gin: An Improvised Puppet Show for Grow-Ups returns to Unexpected Productions for a limited 6-week run. The show opens tonight at runs every Friday and Saturday at 8:30. The puppets are powered by incredible improv performers familiar to UP regulars. As is standard practice at the Unexpected Productions, plot and situations are based on audience suggestions.
“Avenue Q” meets improv comedy in this adult puppet show at Unexpected Productions’ Market Theater. Where do puppets hang out after their day jobs? Well, after singing songs and dancing at the children’s theater, they head down to their local watering hole and pull up a bar stool. And when the Cotton Gin gets a little rowdy, marionettes and sock puppets alike bust out with bawdy songs and jokes. Join the fun with the puppet regulars at “The Cotton Gin”, located at Pike Place Market.
Cotton Gin was a delight. Absolutely fulfilling for your comedic appetites. The cast had a great time, and everyone in the audience was thrilled to be along for the ride! Witty, clever, and accessible.
We will be back again and again!
Yelp ✨✨✨✨✨
Jason S., 1/26/2018