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ICYMI Improv Happy Hour ONLINE

By April 18, 2020Shows

On Friday 4/17/20, Unexpected Productions presented an Improv Happy Hour. This is a wildly unpredictable hour were we strived to translate classic improv games online and create new ones. It has never been seen before and will never be seen again. This week’s theme: couples.

Fortunately, we at UP have improvisers who are couples or roommates who live together. Each couple performed scenes, or games from a suggestion and gave you a glimpse into domestic life around Seattle as it may be happening for real, or in the minds of the improvisers as we all social distance. Unexpected Productions is still experimenting with how to use technology to connect. As with all live improv shows, we have no idea what to expect–but then, that’s the name of our company! Come experience our Unexpected experiment.

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