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Yes Unexpected Productions stands with the Black Lives Matter movement.
And We are dedicated to institutional change that will lead us to recognize our weaknesses and implement our strengths toward equality and justice.
In improv, the concept of being available to each other in a way that is present and supportive, with the expectation of saying yes to what we discover is a profound pursuit. This pursuit must not be limited to a theatrical philosophy but also be a way of understanding the context in which we live and respond to our world.
Viola Spolin – “Creativity is not the clever rearranging of the known.”
Last night, UP hosted a streamed discussion with members from our ensemble on improv, race, Black Lives Matter, and allyship. We are canceling other events to put the focus on these topics.
We will be rebroadcasting the discussion later this week or it may be viewed here:
In solidarity. Unexpected Productions Improv and Improv School.