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Become a UP Board Member

By August 17, 2022August 18th, 2022News

We are seeking board members for Unexpected Productions Improv.

Unexpected Productions Board of Directors is a working board of individuals passionate about Unexpected Productions and willing and able to commit their time to help the organization progress its mission statement. Each board member can expect to serve a three-year(3) term and spend one (1) to three (3) hour(s) a week on Unexpected Productions related business.

1. Board members are expected to commit to board meetings and an annual strategic planning session. These board meetings allow UP staff and committee chairs to report on activities, progress, and challenges to the full board.

2. Board members are expected to actively participate in various ad hoc projects and may serve on one or more committees. Committees meet on a monthly basis to work together and make progress on priority initiatives.

Example Committees:

    • Executive Committee (by nomination and election)
    • Governance/Audit
    • Board Development/Recruitment
    • UP Outreach/Development

3. Board members are expected to serve as advocates of Unexpected Productions and promote its productions, educational programs, and outreach. Board members will be given business cards to promote Unexpected Productions and develop strategic relationships within the community. Board members are expected to actively participate in the organization’s events as appropriate to their time and availability.

4. Each board member will make an annual cash donation to the organization. Board members are expected to give to the best of their means, at a level they would consider generous.