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3rd Anniversary of the 10th Anniversary of the Duo Comedy Showcase

By August 21, 2019Shows

There is a big Seattle Improv Festival in your own home tonight! 3rd Anniversary of the 10th Anniversary of the Duo Comedy Showcase. It’s the big yearly event. There are 12 teams of 4 improvisers performing (double duos) and a big group scene. It’s a great chance to see what’s going on in the Seattle improv scene.

Host Jay Hitt
Music Alex Engelberg
Groups (listed in no particular order)
1. Jay Hitt, Dre Anderson, Issiah Harris, Obadiah Freeman
2. Ashley Flannegan, Christine Riipi, Sarah Hanchar, Kevin O’Mally
3. Jeannine Clark, Tony Beeman, Liz Brammer, Greg Stackhouse
4. Elizabeth Westermann, Colin Smith, Ben Lidgus, Rob Whitehead
5. Anna Miller, Tiffany Hitt, Jessica Robins, Sky Boggs
6. Jeremy Robkin, Alan Hawkins, Kevin Guzowski, Keihl Smit
7. Sid Sharma, Kyle Shamblin, Gretchen Lilly, Archana Iyer
8. Sophia Hatz, Leah Engel, Annie Barry, Felicia Barns
9. Kelli Brown, Ken Goldstein, Kat Schelonka, Jack Patten
10. Christine Kleinholtz, Kate Traxler, Jonni Ressler, Jacklyn Schuenzel
11. Carter Atkin, Denny Atkin, Jen Cargil, Erin Plischke
12. Katie Randall, Dhira Brown, Tarek Hefni, Michael Pirkle
Blind Date Groups
Chris Last , Adam Dow, Chris Mhley, Conor McLean
Rebecca Lee, Steve Smith, Dave Clapper, Leo Chavoya