Harold with Improv Anonymous
About The Show

Every Thursday night, Improv Anonymous, will bring YOUR stories to life through performances of the "Harold."

The Harold is a narrative improv format created by Del Close, an improv legend.  It is a series of scenes, games, and monologues based on one theme, from an audience suggestion. The form works as a collaboration between the actors and the audience as they weave a story together.

Surrender to the spring of free associations which mark the beginning. A flow of coincidences will take you to exciting stories; involve you in intimate relationships, and adventurous experiences, you will realize that distant events and unknown people are closely connected in curious ways, as though the kingdom of contradictions is ruled by a group mind.

With Harold, the key to the secret force again pure coincidence: a coincidental word from a coincidental audience member. Harold is a legendary improvisational form, always challenging actors and still capturing audiences.

Improv Anonymous is Unexpected Production's resident long-form group focuses on theatrical improv, combining drama, comedy, acting, music and everything between!  Thursday night is Unexpected Productions' is a night when our performers will flex their artistic muscles.  Come experience a different form.  It is with impact.

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Harold with Improv Anonymous