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About this online show

CUPID ON MUTE: A romantic comedy improv show, streamed live online. Join us on this hilarious interactive journey, where chat plays Cupid as our characters seek remote romance through video calls. Over four performances, our contestants will try to get to know each other while YOU, the audience, set them up on 1:1 “dates,” set obstacles against them, and more! Which couple will earn Cupid’s Arrow and unmute their love?

Featuring the opportunity to influence the narrative in real time via Tiltify donations in addition to chat suggestions!

Created and directed by Cheryl Platz.

Starring (in alphabetical order): Adrienne Corcoran, Archana Iyer, Ari Scheller, Denny Atkin, Jessica Robins, Rich Hawkins, Stephan Pennington, and Tim Harahan. Hosted by Cheryl Platz.

Learn more about the ideas behind the production in this Q&A with Cheryl Platz, director of Cupid on Mute from the UP News Blog.

Episode List

  • Ep 1: Meet the Romantics (9/4/21)
  • Ep 2: Getting to Know You (9/11/21)
  • Ep 3: The Love Draft (9/18/21)
    • Watch on TwitchWatch on YouTube
    • One by one, our Romantics proposition their potential love matches and pair up to compete to be finalists to win Cupid’s Arrow!
  • Ep 4: Cupid’s Arrow Finale (9/25/21)
    • Watch on TwitchWatch on YouTube
    • Our finalists are revealed, and take their partners on “visits” to their families via video chat… with a few surprises. Our winners are determined by chat votes.
  • Ep 5: Reunion Special (10/23/21)
    • Coming soon – join us October 23 at 11AM PT!
    • Rejoin our contestants “6 months” after the finale to see how it all turned out.

Watch for free on Twitch

Tune in for free at the Unexpected Productions Twitch channel from any web browser or via the Twitch app on your phone, tablet, or gaming console. No login is required to watch from the web! NO TICKETS REQUIRED. Can’t watch live? Watch a rerun at 7PM PT Mondays, or check out the video on demand.

Make suggestions in chat

Provide suggestions during the broadcast by signing up for a free Twitch account and participating in chat during our live broadcasts! No tickets or donations required.

Donate to change the on-screen action!

Visit our Tiltify campaign and make a tax-deductible donation* to select incentives that will change the action on screen in real time! Send the Romantics on dates, ask icebreaker questions, and much more! Can’t watch live? Donations for incentives are accepted between broadcasts. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making your Tiltify donation.

* Unexpected Productions is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Donations through Tiltify go straight to Unexpected Productions and are not processed by Twitch. Donations may be tax-deductible to the extent permitted by the law, consult a tax advisor for your situation.

Rules of the "Game"

The “contestants” in Cupid On Mute are referred to as the Romantics. Per our “producers”, the Romantics have agreed to these rules:

  • Sequester in their homes during the run of the show
  • Refrain from communicating with each other except in our group chat
  • Private their social media accounts
  • Remain open to connections with all contestants until week 3 (no eloping!)
  • Participate in all activities (but do not have to reciprocate feelings)
  • May decline potential pairings in the Love Draft

Week 1: Meet the Romantics

Contestants will have the chance to introduce themselves and engage in group chats and speed dating as they feel out the other Romantics.

Week 2: Getting to Know You

The audience will send our Romantics on 1:1 and threesome dates in hopes of sparking potential love connections, in addition to some classic Dating Game antics.

Week 3: The Love Draft

How do you sort a group of Romantics into 4 couples? With a love draft! The audience's votes will determine who gets to choose their potential soulmates first. Couples will then compete for audience votes to avoid elimination.

Week 4: Cupid's Arrow - FINALE

In Week 4, finalists will be named and the audience will vote via Tiltify to name our winning couple - awarding them Cupid's Arrow and a fabulous prize package** including $100,000 and a dream meetup trip anywhere in the world!

**This is an improv show. There are no prizes except the love in our hearts.

Sample Tiltify Donation Incentives

Donate on Tiltify

The Confessional Booth

  • $20: Send a Romantic in to get the real truth
  • $150: Let all the Romantics listen in (Weeks 1-3)

Get to know the contestants

  • $25: Cupid’s Challenge Question: Pose a question to the finalists and see what they know about each other as they compete to win! (Week 4)

Interfere with dates and conversations

  • $15: Moved to Move – One Romantic dances for 1 minute
  • $40: Family Tradition – Specify an awkward family tradition that will come up during a family visit (Week 4 only)
  • $75: Crashed by the Ex – Send an ex-partner to a finalist’s Family Visit (Week 4 Only)

"Sponsor" an episode

For $250, name a fictional product or service and we’ll plug it throughout the show!

Are you new to Tiltify? Check out our step-by-step Tiltify donation guide (PDF), with the URL, screenshots, and explanations for every step along the way. Thank you for your support of Unexpected Productions!

Download the Tiltify donation guide

Meet the Romantics