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Improv 100: Build Confidence

How do they do that? Learn the basics of improvisation. Discover how to actively listen, to use your own life to create stories, and work on the fundamental principles of improvisation. The class will focus on team building and the concept that “If your teammate looks good, then you will look good”. Emphasis will be placed on understanding and utilizing basic scene work skills and most importantly, having fun. Lots of laughs and lots of stage time. All students begin at this level. It’s a prerequisite to the other levels.

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Improv 200: The Power of Collaboration

Improv 200 picks up where Improv 100 left off.

Using “Yes, and…” and other scene building skills learned in Improv 100, we will create scenes of greater complexity, allowing the basics to provide a foundation to build on, furthering your improv skills and the quality of your spontaneous storytelling through improvised scenes.

We will also be using more of the games that you see regularly in a Theatresports(TM) match. Discover the concepts beyond the entertainment value of the games and what lies behind the rules that release emotional investment, further narrative skills and help spontaneously create the imaginary circumstances that believable characters inhabit.

PREREQUISITE IMPROV 100 – Ages 17 and up

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Improv 300: Listen and Be Heard

This class continues to work on all the basic skills of the previous classes with emphasis placed on character work. Scene building will be a point of exploration as well as using the environment and non-linear narrative. The class will emphasize bringing your scene work to life with energy, believable environments and convincing characters. Learn to sustain a more complex narrative and play with commitment. This class is will participate in the end of session showcase: A chance to test your skills in front of an audience.

PREREQUISITE IMPROV 200 – Ages 17 and up

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Improv 400: Embracing Risk

Improv 400 will continue to hone the skills of the more advanced improviser, integrating concepts learned in previous classes. The class will explore narrative and address individual strengths as well as areas that need improvement. Explore the use of the truthful monologue. Learn the value of relationship in scenes and how to move toward theatricality. Further your Improv with the chance to create “multi level” scenes with deep and rich characters. This class also performs in the showcase.

PREREQUISITE IMPROV 300 – Ages 17 and up

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Improv 500: A Deeper Understanding

This class solidifies the skills learned in the previous classes. Emphasis will be on fine tuning the technique of the improvisers and working on specific skills such as performance, related styles, exploring the Harold and long-form work and finding limits of the art of Improv. An opportunity to dive deep and discover the breadth of spontaneous theater!

PREREQUISITE IMPROV 400 – Ages 17 and up

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Improv 600: Conquer Your Fear

Each week, one hour of advanced improv classroom time leads into an hour of performance for an audience on the Market Theater stage.  After the show, 30 minutes of notes, discussion and valuable direct feedback are provided by your instructor.

Use this performance opportunity to hone your skills and celebrate your progress. Take risks in front of an audience with educational guidance that supports the student performer through the ups and downs of an improvised show. Avoid the trappings of bad habits or default behaviors that can sometimes happen as a student moves from class setting to performance that can inhibit the progress of improvisers.  Enjoy the development of ensemble as the concept of taking care of your scene partner plays out in these weekly shows.

PREREQUISITE IMPROV 500 – Ages 17 and up

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