Sandwich: A Storytelling Show
About The Show

Have you ever seen a tandem telling or live, three-way story creation? When storytellers get together, incredible and unpredictable things happen. You can even be a part of the show with a live telling of your own short story! We laugh, cry and reveal new things about ourselves and each other when we share our stories, so be a part of Sandwich: A Storytelling Show at Unexpected Productions' Market Theater in Seattle.


Join us TONIGHT at 8:30 for Sandwich as we explore the concept of "Death."  We have storytellers, improvisers and an opportunity for audience members to share their stories, with a special contribution from Bunnie Lee and the phenomenal interactive project "For Whom the Bell Toils," created by Casey Middaugh.


Casey Middaugh brings her deeply impactful project 'For Whom the Bell Toils' and the story of what made her want to get America talking about the emotional labor surrounding death.

DKLG Productions produces hate-free shows that amplifies the voices of communities that need to be heard, and bring people together to listen and tell each other our stories

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Sandwich: A Storytelling Show