Inside Story: Adventures in Storytelling
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Join us every 2nd Sunday of the month for Inside Story, an exciting exploration of storytelling in several exciting forms. Our talented cast of improvisers is inspired to create stories from your true-life secret, personal, and funny stories. And in between each improv story, several of Seattle's most respected storytellers will share a prepared story based on their lives and an improvised, true-to-life story based on a subject drawn from the "topic bowl." It's The Moth meets Whose Line is it Anyway, only less formatted, more spontaneous and out of control fun! Come share an Inside Story.

March 11th
Lights/Sound: Nick Mohazzabfar
Cast: Guy Nelson, Melissa Reaves, Elizabeth Westermann, Chris Last,  Jaclyn Schuenzel, Jessica Robbins,
Storytellers: Jonni Ressler, Kacie Rahm
MC: Kent Whipple

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Inside Story: Adventures in Storytelling