Inside Story
About The Show

On Wednesday nights, Inside Story will focus on the art of telling and sharing stories of all kind, spontaneous, prepared, told, written stories will all be encouraged in an evolving changing structure. Storytelling is engrained in our DNA.  From sitting around a fire and sharing stories, reading an terrific book or watching it take place in front of our eyes...we crave stories. 

Inside Story will explore the various different components of storytelling.  Planned formats will include:

The Inside Story
: Storytellers will be allowed to tell any prepared story they wish in exchange for telling a spontaneous story decided at random.
Interviewing the Audience: Audience members will be invited up to be interviewed about their lives and experiences.
Playpen: Playwrights will work with actors & improvisers on reading work and/or creating work with input from the audience.
Well Read: Writers can read anything they like. This will also occasionally feature using improvisation to inspire immediate writing.

This series seeks to develop storytelling in a modern world..



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Inside Story