About The Show

Hilarious improvised campfire stories, based on true unexplained events from your life! 

It was on a night, just like tonight...

You're huddled with friends around a campfire in the woods far from town, taking turns telling tales. Someone has just recounted a particularly eerie ghost story, or said the call was coming from inside the house, insisting it was true. You sit quietly, staring into the flames, reluctant to let on that the story actually made your skin crawl (or laugh)? Now is the time to tell your story. Fake or is it?

In Campfire, a group of campers (improvisers) will weave your story, and the stories of others, into fictional tales, as a spooky/hilarious scene develop before your eyes!

Sit around the Campfire, every Thursday in October at Unexpected Productions' Market Theater at the Gum Wall in Pike Place Market.

Performed by Unexpected Productions' resident narrative improv troupe, Improv Anonymous.

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