Words, Sounds, Silence.
About The Show

Words, Sounds, Silence illuminates three things present in a single comedic moment. We often only here the words, but it is the sounds that accompany the words that give us a chance at understanding the meaning behind what was said. It is in the silence that we truly see the impact of the message conveyed between the lines of verbal language.

Join Unexpected Productions for an evening of spontaneous theatre that mixes the shorter games associated with Theatresports with edgier, story-based long form comedy!  It's a sampler of several styles of improv all packed into one show, from movie, literature, or play genres to experimental and risky comical improv forms! All content is based on audience suggestions so expect unexpected fun!

Fat Kid Magic is Unexpected Production's long form ensemble. Specializing in longer, more theatrical comedy improvisation.

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Words, Sounds, Silence.