Teen Improv Class
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Come work with Seattle’ premiere improv company. Our professionally-trained instructors represent some of Seattle’s best and most experienced improv teachers and performers. We create a fun and supportive environment within which you will explore, develop, and succeed (and have a blast). For years, Unexpected Productions has produced the Hogan Cup, the first High School improvisation tournament.  We are taking 30 years of experience and created a class for you

8 Weeks of FUN!

Over the course of 8 weeks, improvisers ages 12 and above will explore the unique process of improvisation. Each day, students dive into an exciting array of expertly crafted theater games, improvisational exercises, ensemble-building activities and performance opportunities.With our industry-leading artists as their guide, students build the performance skills necessary to deliver an impressive and hilarious end-of-session show for friends and family. Our students will play many of the same performance pieces you’ve seen our professionals present at Theatresports, every Friday and Saturday night. Even more importantly, our improvisers support students as they discover the many benefits of improv off-stage—new friendships, stronger communication skills, confidence in imagination, applied creativity, collaboration, and openness to new ideas.

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Teen Improv Class