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We are all experts in something. Every Thursday in January, Unexpected Productions’ resident long-form improv troupe, will present Show & Tell at 8:30 p.m.

This week, improviser Ahsan Butt, will explore his expertise in Batman. "Batman has been in publication for over 70 years. My life has been going for 29. I know a lot about both. I'll explore the intersections between both and what the many manifestations of Batman has to say about life," explains Ahsan.

This is a completely new improv style. Each night a member of the ensemble will present a topic. It might be a band, book, song, movie, historical moment, how to whistle or how to fly a kite. The topic is anything, in which that cast member might be an expert. The cast will then weave improv moments based on the expert’s narrative. The stories weave in and out. They are moments in time based on the presenter’s topic, and the performer’s skills. It is an edgier, longer improvised show comparable to a play using a variety of styles and forms.

Unexpected Production's resident long-form group, focuses on theatrical improv, combining drama, comedy, acting, music and everything between! Thursday night is Unexpected Productions’ is a night when our performers will flex their artistic muscles. Come experience a different form if improv…improv with impact.



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