Mad Scientists: The Improv
About The Show

You never know what will happen with our improvisers, the mad scientists.  Each show is different, exciting, dangerous and fun. This will be a two-part improv.  The first half of the night will include a brand new improv format created for our 30th anniversary, by our Artistic Director, Randy Dixon.  You will create the suggestions and the ensemble will bring it to life.

 The second half of the night’s format starts with a suggestion from the audience - this could undoubtedly be anything. Improvisers will start associating around the suggestion, and then an opening game is played. In this format, a lot of associated elements round the audience suggestions are presented. The opening game might be a song, a monologue, or simply a group association based on the audience suggestion. The idea is to use the elements and themes that come up or about in the opening game in what follows.

The improvisers will be creating all sorts of concoctions.  What will they create?  You decide! You are one of the scientists.


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Mad Scientists: The Improv