Schrampflin Falls: Small Town, Big Drama, All Improv
About The Show

Spend a night with the eccentric and lovable residents of Schrampflin Falls, a fictional small town in Washington.  In this improvised show, you will provide suggestions that bring the scandalous secrets of the town and its residents to life.  Each show will feature real crime log clippings from small town newspapers all over the US to inspire the  events in Schrampflin Falls. So, spend a night with us; you may not want to move here but you’ll love seeing the town’s quirky residents <cue the dramatic music>.

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Friday, Jul 21, 20178:30pm
Saturday, Jul 22, 20178:30pm
Friday, Jul 28, 20178:30pm
Saturday, Jul 29, 20178:30pm
Friday, Aug 4, 20178:30pm
Saturday, Aug 5, 20178:30pm
Friday, Aug 11, 20178:30pm
Saturday, Aug 12, 20178:30pm
Friday, Aug 18, 20178:30pm
Saturday, Aug 19, 20178:30pm
Friday, Aug 25, 20178:30pm
Saturday, Aug 26, 20178:30pm
Friday, Sep 1, 20178:30pm
Saturday, Sep 2, 20178:30pm
Friday, Sep 8, 20178:30pm
Saturday, Sep 9, 20178:30pm
Schrampflin Falls: Small Town, Big Drama, All Improv