Schrampflin Falls: Small Town, Big Laughs, Quirky Scandals
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Spend a night with a cast of veteran improvisers as they create the eccentric and lovable residents of "Schrampflin Falls", a fictional small town in Washington. It's "Twin Peaks"' small-town sister city! Seattle's Unexpected Productions' Market Theater is transformed into the infamous little burg for this improvised show, from the same people who bring you "A(n Improvised) Christmas Carol". When you pay a visit, you'll provide suggestions that bring the scandalous secrets of the town and its residents to life. Each show will feature real crime clippings from small-town newspapers all over the U.S. to inspire the night's events. Come visit Schrampflin Falls and fall in love with its unconventional town-folk, festivals and events.

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Schrampflin Falls: Small Town, Big Laughs, Quirky Scandals