38th Seattle International Comedy Competition
About The Show

Join us for the 38th Seattle International Comedy Competition as it kicks off it's opening night at Unexpected Productions. Nov. 2nd at 8:00 pm.  We also host week 2 on the 9th at 8:00 pm. 


The top 5 comics from the Preliminaries make the semi-finals; all the semi-finalists win some cash, and get to compete for the title by performing for 10 minutes nightly for 5 shows.


 At the last Semi-Final show the finalists are announced. Five comedians get to go big, and five get to go home. After two days to recover and plan, the Final round, after visits to theaters in Vashon, Kirkland, Bremerton and Seattle, we will have a new champion.


The list of talented comedians for the first two weeks of the preliminaries for the 38th SICC (subject to change)


1. Joe Dungan @JoeDungan (Studio City, CA)
2. Alex Falcone @alex_falcone(Portland, OR)
3. Andrew Frank (Chicago, IL) 
4. Mary Lou Gamba@TheLufe (Seattle, WA)
5. Ed Hill @kingedhill (Vancouver, BC) 
6. Sierra Katow @sierrakatow (Los Angeles, CA)
7. Nigel Larson @NigelLarson (Seattle, WA)
8. Andrew Mayer @mayercomedy (Boston, MA)
9. Thomas Nichols @tncomedy (Dallas, TX) 
10. Ali Reingold @ali_reingold (Portland, OR) 
11. Yusef Roach @yusefroach (Austin, TX) 
12. Luke Severeid @LukeSevereid (Seattle, WA) 
13. Leif Skyving @LeifSkyving (Caldwell, ID) 
14. Ana-Marija Stojic @iamstojic (Toronto, ON) 
15. Danny Vega @dannyvegacomedy (Brooklyn, NY) 
16. Sean Williams @seanwillcomic(Moreno Valley, CA)


1. Myles Anderson @Myles_Anderson1 (Victoria, BC) 
2. Taylor Clark (Everett, WA) 
3. Matt Donaher @mattdonaher (Boston, MA) 
4. Nick Hart @NickHartInc (Madison, WI) 
5. Maria Herman@funnyaussiechck (San Diego, CA) 
6. Aliya Kanani @thealiyaproject (Toronto, ON) 
7. Justin Lawson @OnlyBlackJustin (Orlando, FL) 
8. Chase Mayers @chase_mayers (Baton Rouge, LA) 
9. Tom Meisfjord @TomMeisfjord (Spokane, WA) 
 10. Adam Pasi @adampasi (Portland, OR) 
11. India Pearl @NantucketHseWif (Boston, MA) 
12. Robert Pidde @PidBits (Seattle, WA) 
13. Zach Pugh @ZachPugh (Los Angeles, CA) 
14. Cara Rosellini (Seattle, WA) 
15. Bryan Valencia @Bryanlions (Albuquerque, NM) 

16. Alex Velluto @alexvelluto (Salt Lake City, UT).

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38th Seattle International Comedy Competition