Rockprov: A Comedic Improvised Rock and Roll Benefit
About The Show

ROCKprov is an improvised rock and roll concert to benefit a ridiculously fictitious cause, as determined by the audience at every show. It's like Live Aid meets Comic Relief at this benefit bash that's just for laughs and just for you. Thing absurd causes like Save the Snails or Buy Bono New Glasses. You decide each night.

Based on your suggestions, the improvisers and musicians will make up songs on the fly and improv a few wild celebrity appearances and testimonials. With musical styles ranging from rock to opera, doo-wop, rap and musical theatre, this night of wailing guitar solos and uncontrollable laughter is an outlandish way to raise awareness of the ridiculous.

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Upcoming Shows This Month
Friday, Jun 1, 20188:30pm
Saturday, Jun 2, 20188:30pm
Friday, Jun 8, 20188:30pm
Saturday, Jun 9, 20188:30pm
Friday, Jun 15, 20188:30pm
Saturday, Jun 16, 20188:30pm

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Rockprov: A Comedic Improvised Rock and Roll Benefit