Mixed Media: Politics
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Mixed Media merges talent from Seattle's stand-up, music, and improv scenes as they interface to artistically probe a new theme each month. This exciting and innovative format has never been explored before in Seattle. Join us at Unexpected Productions' Market Theater on Sunday, February 11th, as we delve into the topic: Politics. This show is hosted by Pete GK and blends the comedy of Andre Pegeron & David Crowe, the music of Smashie Smashie and improvisers from Unexpected Productions.

Up Coming Performances/Themes

03/12/2017 Politics

Host -  Pete GK

Comics - Andre Pegeron & David Crowe

Music - Smashie Smashie

04/09/2017 Sobriety

Host - Liz Donehue

Comics - Dan Carroll & Derek Sheen

Music - Joe Syverson

6/11 – Mixed Media: TBA
7/9 –Mixed Media: TBA
8/13 – Mixed Media: TBA
9/10 – Mixed Media: TBA



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Mixed Media: Politics