Impromptu: An Improv with Music
About The Show

Back by popular demand.  Unexpected Productions will again present Impromptu, an evening of scene-songs.  During this performance, the musicians are the improvisers and the improvisers are the musicians.
The artists flow between music, scenes, monologues, songs and back to music.  It's a  jazz jam session  only mood, emotions and stories are part of the music. Like a powerful improvised Jazz tune, the journey is as fascinating as the destination. It is mysterious free flow, and everyone is along for the exploration.
The performers and audience explore melding music with scenes in true improvisation. It flows seamlessly.
The eight improvisers play over 20 instruments, and add their unique emotions and experiences moment by moment. Always entertainingalways unique.
It is truly Impromptu.
In our Thursday night shows we explore the ART of improvisation, exploring where it can go outside the standard format.  It is unusual, artistic, enlightening and entertaining.  It is IMPROV with impact.

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Impromptu: An Improv with Music