Improv Happy Hour
About The Show

Come play with us and start your weekend with a gigantic smile! You are in for one-hour of spontaneous laughs and a lot of fun!  Your suggestions drive our professional improvisers they take to the stage to entertain YOU.  The is no script as these pros use 100s of exciting improv games to create uproarious stories right on the spot. We can guarantee your show has never been seen before and will never be seen again. Come make new memories with your friends and family.  

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Friday, Mar 23, 20187:00pm
Saturday, Mar 24, 20187:00pm
Friday, Mar 30, 20187:00pm
Saturday, Mar 31, 20187:00pm
Friday, Apr 6, 20187:00pm
Saturday, Apr 7, 20187:00pm
Friday, Apr 13, 20187:00pm
Saturday, Apr 14, 20187:00pm
Friday, Apr 20, 20187:00pm
Saturday, Apr 21, 20187:00pm

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Improv Happy Hour