Gorilla Theater at the Black Box Theater
About The Show

The Black Box Theater  presents Keith Johnstone’s Gorilla Theatre for the first time in the Pacific Northwest. The Gorilla is the prize to be won; and the audience will go bananas as they vote for their favorite scenes and players. 

The free-flowing format sees players taking turn directing the other actors on stage in their sketches.  Following each brief sketch, the audience gets to decide whether the director wins a banana, which is presented by a performer dressed as a gorilla, or if they must do a forfeit, which on this particular evening included dancing for one minute, apologizing to the audience for a poor sketch. At the end of the show, the director with the most bananas is named winner.

Concessions and adult beverages will be available at the show! Please note that our concessions rack inside the theater is cash-only; however, we gladly accept credit and cash for ticket sales. 

Perfromed at the Black Box Theater at the Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood.

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Gorilla Theater at the Black Box Theater