21st Seattle International Festival of Improv
About The Show

The 20th Seattle International Festival of Improv explores the nature of performance and space. The immersive quality of the show will create an exciting interactive environment for the audience to experience the story from within the story.

The performers will work with techniques to erase the "fourth wall" between the improvisers and audience, to create a show where the audience may be unknowingly performers and the performers the audience. The participants will always be respected and taken care of and often involved in active roles.

This year's Festival will feature improvisers from Austria, Australia, Canada, Finland, Great Britain, Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States.

Unexpected Productions' audiences will have the unique opportunity to see these International masters of improv during evening performances throughout the week.

Sunday 6/19 International Improv Happy Hour 7:00
Come see the participants of the Festival perform together for the first time. Members of Unexpected Productions' ensemble will also join the mix. This is an open night of fun, laughter and camaraderie.

Wednesday 6/22 Trios 8:30
The improvisers will work in playful groups of three There is magic in threes, especially when they are improv artists from around the globe. Come see multiple trios of international teams take the stage.

Thursday 6/23 Translation 8:30
During Translation, performers improvise in their native tongue. Someone may be speaking Hindi to someone who speaks German or Italian! Even though the audience may not speak the language, they will understand the communication transpiring.

Friday/Saturday Improv Happy Hour 7:00 6/24 - 6/25
Join the festival participants for an evening of spontaneous theater that mixes the shorter games associated with Theatresports! Improv Happy Hour is a sampler of several styles of improv all packed into one show all based on audience suggestions so expect unexpected fun!

Friday & Saturday All Around YOU 8:30 PM 6/24 & 6/25
This improv will be based on festival's theme, "All Around YOU". Material about playing will be gathered through the workshops during the week, and integrated into a Friday's and Saturday's performances. This will be a highly interactive performance

Friday/Saturday International Theatresports 10:30 6/24 - 6/25
Join Festival participants as they take over Seattle's longest-running show, Unexpected Productions' Theatresports. At Theatresports, teams of improvisational actors use their quick wits to create scenes on the spot, based entirely on audience suggestions. A panel of judges -- sometimes including guest celebrities -- then weighs in on which team is the funniest

Sunday 6/26 International Happy Hour 7:00
Members of Seattle's improv community will join the UP ensemble and the members of the Festival's ensemble for a final night of fun, laughter and camaraderie.This is the final performance of the festival. Come say farewell and have a final laugh with us.

Tickets for individual shows are $15 and $30 for a festival pass.

Purchase a Festival Pass 

The Festival will feature 10 performances valued at over $100. The Festival is best experienced by purchasing a Festival pass, which covers the entire week from beginning to end and must be presented for admission. The pass is only $30.


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21st Seattle International Festival of Improv