Everleigh Estates UP North
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U.P. North: Everleigh Estates - What if your backyard bordered on a fantastic, and sometimes sinister, enchanted forest, like those in the fairy tales? The residents of the Everleigh Estates had everything: cozy track homes, good schools, and convenient access to the freeway. But had they known about the enchanted forest in their own backyard, they might have thought twice before moving in. Come watch the cast improvise this contemporary fairy tale comedy of cluesses suburbanites, mischievous elves, the space between the mundane world and the grand, and the elusive search for a happily-ever-after.

Concessions and beverages will be available at the show! Please note that our concessions rack inside the theatre is cash-only; however, we gladly accept credit and cash for ticket sales.

Performing at the Black Box Theatre, Edmond Community College in Lynnwood. Join us for the month of January at the Black Back Theatre at Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood.

Directions and Parking: http://www.blackboxedcc.org/about/directionsparking.html

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Everleigh Estates UP North