Effortless Improv with Tracy Burns 1021
About The Show

As improvisers, we talk a lot about “being in the moment,” but most of the time we’re so busy looking for "offers" (or coming up with our own ideas) that we don’t notice what’s happening right in front of us. In this one-day intensive, Tracy will give you tools and techniques to focus your attention that will not only keep you in the moment but will help you play with wild abandon and connect to what truly inspires you most. Your scenes will become effortless, playful and more often than not, hilariously surprising. Whether you’re a seasoned improviser or relatively new, scene work has never been this easy!

In this class students will explore:
Letting go of the “rules” of improv
Replacing Invention with Discovery
Being an investigator rather than an architect of a scene
Holding on to your character's point of view
Understanding that scenes happen whether or not you create them
Taking the spotlight when it’s yours and how to give it
Expanding your emotional range and depth
Having a crazy good time onstage!
Please wear comfortable clothing and soft-soled shoes.

Date: Saturday, October 21st
Time: 12-5 PM
Location: Unexpected Productions' Market Theater
Maximum Students: 16
Cost: $85
Prerequisite: Level 100 or equivilant

About the Instructor
Tracy was named one of the top improv instructors in Los Angeles by Back Stage L.A. She teaches acting, visual storytelling and improv at Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, California College of the Arts and Chapman University. She has also taught for Google, Cal Tech, Disney, Telltale Games, Middlesex University in London, UCLA Extension and many other institutions. She directed the improv program at Pepperdine University for 13 years and was an adjunct professor. Tracy was the Artistic Director of Los Angeles Theatresports and the Co-Artistic Director of Theatresports UK in London. She lives in Los Angeles and works with many improv groups such as Second City, ACME Comedy Theatre and the award-winning Impro Theatre. She has performed regularly with Fred Willard, Wayne Brady, Micheal McShane and has also played to enthusiastic Klingons and Romulans at Star Trek conventions with The Earnest Borg-9, starring Wil Wheaton.

What Students Have Said About Tracy’s Classes: 
"It's one of the best improv classes I've ever taken. I'd recommend it to anyone who's serious about improv comedy."

"It's not just that she challenges you to explore new creative avenues; it's that she provides a safe environment and encourages you to challenge yourself."

"Tracy's class takes improv to the next level - creating real characters, real situations, and letting the comedy and drama be derived from that."

"Tracy allows you to really understand and explore how mistakes are just new discoveries."

"I explored areas of myself that I was afraid to expose. I used to get on stage to hide - hide behind funny, hide behind interesting, hide behind a character. But the truth is the best actors get on stage and turn themselves inside out for all of the audience to see because it is in this action that their humanity is revealed and the audience connects. And I had a blast every weekend doing it."

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Effortless Improv with Tracy Burns 1021