Dynamic Scene Work with Anton Romanus
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As improvisers, we start most of our scenes the same way, in one position, on the same spot: standing in front of each other in the center of the stage. We become comfortable. In Dynamic Scene work we push ourselves to break free from our conventions and start using the space, our scene partners and everything else around us to create scenes with much more variation and freedom. We challenge ourselves to break free of the comfort and explore fun to ideas. By playing with perspective and levels we strive to deconstruct the world around us from a simple empty stage to a dynamic playground of imagination with infinite possibilities. Don’t just stand there: improvise!

Date: April 21st,

Time: 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Location: Unexpected Productions’ Market Theater, 1428 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101

Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/2Um6WUNx8L42

Maximum Students: 14

Cost: $50

Prerequisite: Improv level 100

Ages: 17+ Dynamic scene work

Teacher Bio:

Anton Romanus is a professional improviser based in Gothenburg, Sweden. He is administrative director,

teacher and performer at Gothenburg improv theater (Gbgimpro). combined with work as a freelance

actor, moderator and improv coach. Anton have performed and taught many different types of improv in places like Amsterdam, New York, Seattle, Chicago, Oslo, Barcelona, Berlin and of course different parts of Sweden (and soon Canada). He has a strong character driven style and builds most of his teaching on a point of view that he calls active curiosity or listening with your entire body. http://www.antonromanus.se/en/more-about-me/

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Saturday, Apr 21, 201812:00pm
Dynamic Scene Work with Anton Romanus