Black Eyed Blonde: An Improvised Film Noir
About The Show

Murder, intrigue, improv! If you like pulp fiction novels or seedy detective movies, this show is for you! In Black Eyed Blonde, the stories will be improvised from audience suggestions in the style of 40's Film Noir classics, such as Double Indemnity and Maltese Falcon.  The lingo, plots, and style of the genre intertwines with the spontaneous humor of  the unique brand of Unexpected Productions' improv.

"As part of our 30th anniversary, we have brought back some of the audience favorites," explained creator and director, Randy Dixon. Black Eyed Blonde was first performed in 1998.

This improv is populated with henchmen in fedoras, femme fetales, brooding heroes and witty secretaries, all wallowing in questionable situations on seedy streets and dirty offices. The cast of usual suspects in the production include:
Acting Cast:
Tony Beeman
Ahsan Butt
Randy Dixon
Lisa Keeton
Holly Lendosky
Mark Shone
Tiffany Swanson

Music Cast:
Alina Gibitiz
Nick Schell
Jim Tracy

   "We have some incredibly talented and experienced improvisers in the show. The cast has been rehearsing for several months to study the intricacies of this style. They have been studying the stories of Chandler, Hammett and other masters of the genre," said Dixon. "They have had an incredible amount of homework for this show, watching and studying movies like Double Indemnity, Sunset Boulevard and Chinatown.The improvisers have to be well-versed in the style to create a believable character in authentic and entertaining scenes."

Unexpected Productions first introduced improvised style shows to Seattle 30 years ago. Now, companies through Seattle have followed suit with their own style shows. Unexpected Productions boasts a large repertoire of stylized improv shows that include: Shakespeare, Campfire stories, video games and, the incredibly popular A(n Improvised) Christmas Carol, which will return this November.

The styles are taken quite seriously, to provide the audience with laughter and believable characters.  

This kind of improvisation, known as long form, is very focused on style and story. Characters and story are created from audience suggestions and developed over the course of the show. Unexpected Productions uses a variety of improvisational techniques in their long form shows.

"In this version of the show we are trying some new lighting techniques to capture the hard light and shadows that really make a Noir film," concludes Dixon.

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Black Eyed Blonde: An Improvised Film Noir