After Words: A Hilarious Unusual Improv
About The Show

Get ready for a night of laughter, action and intertwined improv scenes. You will decide the title of the show "after" all of the improv scenes are played out. "After Words" explores interactions after they happen. Each hilarious scene is independent of each other with no agenda. You, the audience, will then define the meaning of each scene after seeing it and come up with one word to describe it. All the independent scenes will be combined to create the theme of each night. The theme of the show and the title will only become clear for everyone ... "After Words".

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Friday, Sep 22, 20178:30pm
Saturday, Sep 23, 20178:30pm
Friday, Sep 29, 20178:30pm
Saturday, Sep 30, 20178:30pm
Friday, Oct 6, 20178:30pm
Saturday, Oct 7, 20178:30pm
Friday, Oct 13, 20178:30pm
Saturday, Oct 14, 20178:30pm
Friday, Oct 20, 20178:30pm
Saturday, Oct 21, 20178:30pm
Friday, Oct 27, 20178:30pm
Saturday, Oct 28, 20178:30pm
Friday, Nov 3, 20178:30pm
Saturday, Nov 4, 20178:30pm
Friday, Nov 10, 20178:30pm
Saturday, Nov 11, 20178:30pm
After Words: A Hilarious Unusual Improv