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Whether you're someone who'd like to try improv for either professional or personal reasons or someone who just wants to unleash their creativity and laugh and play for a couple of hours a week - our classes are an excellent way to achieve your goals! Right from the start, you are on your feet exploring hilarious exercises and skill-driven games in an incredibly supportive and fun environment. 

Our classes focus on team building and the concept that “If your teammate looks good, then you will look good.” In our classes, an emphasis is placed on understanding and utilizing basic scene work skills, and most importantly, having fun. Lots of laughs and lots of stage time. All students begin at this level. It’s a prerequisite to the other levels.

Under the guidance of our amazing faculty, you will learn to:

• Be a Better Listener

• Conquer Fears

• Spark Creativity

• Meet New People/Make New Friends

• Become a Better Problem solver

• Gain Confidence

• Fail Easier

• Say Yes More in Your Life

• Learn to Think Fast 

• Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

• Become a Better Public Speaker

• Discover More About Yourself


Summer 2018

Beginning Improv Classes 

Georgetown Studios

650 South Orcas, Suite 101  Seattle WA 98108


8 Saturdays Starting July 7, 2018


8 Sundays Starting  July 8, 2018


8 Mondays Starting July 9, 2018


8 Tuesdays Starting July 10, 2018


8 Wednesdays Starting July 11, 2018


8 Thursdays Starting July 12, 2018




IMPROV 100 EASTSIDE- Intro to Improv - Build Confidence

Redmond Community Center at Marymoore-  6505 176th Ave NE. Redmond WA

8 Tuesdays starting  July 10, 2018,  7:00pm-9:30pm



Continuing Improv Education Classes-

Classes start during the week of July 7. 2018.  


(Please note that Continuing Improv Educations classes 200-700 are cumulative, and require the previous classes be taken with Unexpected Productions Improv School.  Execeptions must be approved by the Artistic Director or Education Director). 


IMPROV 200 Storytelling, The Power of Collaboration

Saturdays 4-6:30pm Georgetown Campus

Sundays 4-6:30, Georgetown Campus

Mondays 7-9:30 Georgetown Campus

Tuesdays 7-9:30 Redmond Community Center at Marymoore

Wednesdays 7-9:30 Georgetown Campus



IMPROV 300 Scene Building - Listen/Be Heard

Saturdays 4-6:30pm Georgetown Campus

Sundays 7-9:30, Georgetown Campus

Tuesdays 7-9:30 Georgetown Campus

Tuesdays 7-9:30 Redmond Senior Center (RSC) 



IMPROV 400 Narrative Exploration - Embracing Risk

Tuesdays 7-9:30 Redmond Senior Center (RSC)

Thursdays 7-9:30, Georgetown Campus



Improv 500 The "Art" of Improv - A Deeper Understanding

Tuesdays 7-9:30 Market Theater, Downtown Seattle

Tuesdays 7-9:30 Redmond Senior Center (RSC)



IMPROV 600 Advance Performance - Conquer Your Fear

Sundays 6-9:30 Market Theater, Downtown Seattle




Owning the Stage with Susie Simpkins

(For Students who have completed 100-600)

Sundays 7-9:30, Georgetown Campus






Why Take Improv Classes?

Why should you take improv classes?

Thousands of students have passed through Unexpected Productions' improv classes. Some are looking to pursue the art of Improvisational Theatre. Some are looking to improve their public presentation or team skills. Some are looking to overcome shyness, to meet others, or simply to have fun and laugh with a group of fun, easy-going people.

Whatever the reason, Unexpected Productions' teachers work hard to teach the basics of improv, which are not only useful to improvisers, but to anybody wanting to work with others, as a member of a team, as an effective communicator, as a good listener, or simply as a friend!

With 25 years experience, Unexpected Productions' teachers have had thousands of success stories, from groups of friends to stand-up-comedians, from successful improvisers to Hollywood Stars, and from local-business owners to Vice Presidents of Fortune 500 companies!

Our quarterly classes are one of the best values in town for acting / improv classes.  All quarterly classes are eight weeks long. 

Our standard improv classes are for ages 17 and up. Exceptions are at the discretion of the Education Director and/or teacher of the class. Watch for our kids camps and teen improv classes!


For questions, please email school@unexpectedproductions.org, or call us at 206-762-2239.

About The School

In this fun and exciting interactive process, you will gain self-confidence, sharpen your communication skills, and learn the type of teamwork necessary to create something original and brilliant from scratch.

Three Ways Improv Can Improve Your Career
You are forced to collaborate
You have to let go of judgment
You become a better listener
Fast Company Magazine, 1/31/14

Right from the start, our students are on their feet exploring hilarious exercises and skill-driven 
games in an incredibly supportive and fun environment. Under the guidance of our caring and experienced faculty,
you will:
- Discover the joy of spontaneous storytelling 
- Conquer fears
- Improve your job skills
- Spark creativity
- Meet people/make new friends
- Become a better listener
- Be a better problem solver

Three Ways You Can Hone Your Leadership Skills With Improv
1. Find Comfort In Uncomfortable Situations
2. Learn To Communicate And Listen
3. Start To Take Initiative
Forbes Magazine, March 9th, 2017

Unexpected Productions' teachers instruct the basics of improv, which are not only useful to improvisers, but to anybody wanting to work with others, as a member of a team, as an effective communicator, as a good listener, or simply as a friend!

3 Ways Improv Training Can Boost Business
1. Build Authentic Interactions
2. Be Flexible and Adapt on Your Feet
3. Building the Story Together
BCBusiness Magazine, 3/26/2017

All quarterly classes are $225-250. All quarterly classes are eight weeks long.
Classes are for ages 17 and up unless otherwise posted. Some exceptions may apply.

If you have any questions about the improv school, please contact us at school@unexpectedproductions.org.