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´╗┐Improvised Shakespeare is a fast-paced crash course on Shakespeare and the skills any improviser needs to perform in this particular style. In this class, you will learn how to use Blank Verse and capture Shakespeare's rhythm- adding energy to your performance. Use words to their fullest effect and take your character to new emotional heights! Use your whole body to play the scene and put on a dynamic performance! You will never look at Shakespeare the same way after taking this class! Prior knowledge of Shakespeare is NOT REQUIRED!

About the teacher:

Nicholas Schell is a current ensemble member at Unexpected Productions, as well as a regular performer with other improv companies, including Seattle Experimental Theater, The Temporary People, and HUMAN PROPAGANDA. Nicholas has an MFA in Acting from Western Illinois University. While at WIU, Nick worked on the "Shakespeare Unrehearsed!" performing full first folio plays without rehearsal! Some of NIck's favorite roles include Mark Anthony, Mercutio, and Phillip Falconbridge, the Bastard.

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Why Take Improv Classes?

Why should you take improv classes?

Thousands of students have passed through Unexpected Productions' improv classes. Some are looking to pursue the art of Improvisational Theatre. Some are looking to improve their public presentation or team skills. Some are looking to overcome shyness, to meet others, or simply to have fun and laugh with a group of fun, easy-going people.

Whatever the reason, Unexpected Productions' teachers work hard to teach the basics of improv, which are not only useful to improvisers, but to anybody wanting to work with others, as a member of a team, as an effective communicator, as a good listener, or simply as a friend!

With 25 years experience, Unexpected Productions' teachers have had thousands of success stories, from groups of friends to stand-up-comedians, from successful improvisers to Hollywood Stars, and from local-business owners to Vice Presidents of Fortune 500 companies!

Our quarterly classes are one of the best values in town for acting / improv classes.  All quarterly classes are eight weeks long. 

About The School

Since its beginnings in 1986, the Unexpected Productions Improv School has become the largest and most established school of improv in the Northwest.

UP's improv classes have spawned many improv groups and well known improvisers, including several who have gone on to entertain and teach all over the USA.  They've also formed a lot of great relationships, including some of which haven't ended in terrible tragedy!

If you have any questions about the improv school, please contact us at school@unexpectedproductions.org.