Unexpected Productions Is Here For You!
Book A Show!

Unexpected Productions can perform Improv shows anywhere for anyone! Do you have a company party, a school function, a fundraiser with a need for fabulous interactive entertainment? Then call us up!


Unexpected Productions performs many outside gigs a year, from corporate Christmas parties, to weddings to high school graduations to a hubby’s surprise 50th birthday to the national meeting of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry... and a whole lot more!

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Hire a Coach

Our coaching and teaching staff have years of experience on the stage, in the boardroom, and in public schools across Washington State. We've taught classes for public speakers, fortune 500 executives, managers, professional improvisers, local improv troupes, children of all ages, teenage groups, and more!

We can work with large groups, small groups, and individuals. We can meet or talk with you to help find a coach (or coaches) which fit your specific needs.

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Team Building Workshops

If you are looking for a team building workshop, we offer several options, as well as the opportunity to work with us to design an experience appropriate for your specific group!

Our team building workshops are led by one of our professional improvisers, who lead groups through a series of games and exercises that employ the concepts of improvisation. The exercises are taught in a safe environment that encourages the individuals to take risks to build on ideas together as a team without any one person having control over the outcome. Improv is all about collaborative experience, which is why the exercises are so suited to team building.

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Event Staffing

As improvisers, the UP ensemble has the unique ability to adapt to all types of situations. Whether you need character actors, people to walk the floor of a major conference, or somebody to help with an elaborate practical joke, we can provide improvisers for all sorts of roles!

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