Tony Beeman (Artistic Associate)

Tony Beeman has been improvising in Seattle for over ten years. He performs regularly as part of the Unexpected Production Company, where he serves as Artistic Associate and manages Improv Anonymous, UP's resident longform group. He is a founding member of NERDProv, Seattle's geekiest improv group, and can be seen on HyperRPG's Shadowrun Twitch Show, Corporate SINs, playing Cromwell the Butler. Off-stage, he loves graphic design, RPGs, scriptwriting, backpacking and trying to convince his dog, Jane Boston, to pee in appropriate places.

First Performance Date:
     Saturday, April 5, 2008

First Theatresports Team:
     Pathetic Fallacy with Rebecca Ricards, Jeremy Richards, and Greg Stackhouse

     June 1

     Norris, TN



Favorite Improv Games:
     Timed Styles, Dr. Suess, Eye Tunes, Farris Wheel

Other Jobs:
     Software Developer

Childhood Dream Job:

Fictional Character:
     Donnie Darko/Holden Caulfield

Spirit Animal:
     Prarie Dog

Favorite Superhero:
     Little Boy Blue