Tim Harahan (Ensemble)

Tim Harahan started improvising in 2008, joined UP's techprov team in 2012, and stepped onstage in 2015.  He improvised sound effects for the WIUP Mystery Radio Hour, designed dystopian props for UP's Danger Games, and put 80s movie soundtracks behind the Pretty Wonderful Club.  He frequently appears in Happy Hours, often as scenery.

Tim first got into theater backstage, thinking that building sets would be a nice way to get handier.  Lunch stories about hiking disasters turned out to be decent audition monologues, and he was offered a role in MSTT's The Threepenny Opera.  That got him hooked, and into improv soon after.  He's worked with Seattle Experimental Theater, Jet City Improv, Split Second Improv, and even used a script a couple times.  Nowadays, he's  proud to call Unexpected Productions home.  Enjoy the shows, y'all!

First Performance Date:
     Wednesday, June 1, 2016

First Theatresports Team:
     Twerky Dinner with Tony Beeman, Jaclyn Schuenzel, and Stephani Thompson

     The Chicago Suburbs

Other Jobs:
     Gameplay Engineer, Software Developer

Childhood Dream Job:

Spirit Animal: