Leona Partridge (Ensemble)

Leona Partridge

has performed in numerous improvised shows, plays, and Theatreports at Unexpected Productions as an ensemble member since 1997. She has represented UP internationally and performed around the USA, Canada, and Europe. She also works in video and on-camera productions in her free time.

Leona enjoys teaching improv principles to students and corporate professional groups. She is a member of AIN and hopes to bring more improv into the 'real world'.

When not performing or teaching, Leona works as an RN at Harborview. She appreciates her supportive husband and children who have taught her the value of play!

First Performance Date:
     Sunday, July 13, 1997

First Theatresports Team:
     Bryce A Roni with Pam Man & Lauren Pritchard

     March 21


Other Jobs:
     RN, Mom

Childhood Dream Job: