Kinzie Shaw (Ensemble)


  Kinzie was born in Seattle, but raised in Tucson, AZ. Please do not hold this against her. She graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. She has been a company member with Unexpected Productions since 2015, though her improv career started in 2010 when her Aunt suggested she "get out of the house and make some friends for God's sake." She did just that, and hasn't looked back. She's had the opportunity to perform in a wide variety of unscripted shows with Unexpected Productions, and Jet City Improv including but not limited to, An Improvised Hip Hopera, What If?, Solid is the New Stripes, and Clues. Kinzie's greatest achievement is being the co-founder of the fabulous lady duo FEELINGS, which features her other half, Natasha Ransom. She enjoys spending her free time in the company of animals and Netflix.

First Performance Date:
     Wednesday, June 1, 2016

First Theatresports Team:
     Hi, Men! With Stephani Thompson, Elizabeth Westermann, and Elicia Wickstead


Childhood Dream Job:
     Teaching at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Spirit Animal:
     The girl who dressed up as a Hot Dog on Princess Day

Favorite Superhero: