Kent Whipple (Ensemble)

Kent has served asd  the Marketing and Development Director at Unexpected Productions since 2012. He has served as a gallery director in some of the major art centers in the country, including Santa Fe and Scottsdale. He is also freelance writer, creating and developing articles that are published nationwide. he is from Santa Fe, NM and studied Arts. Adminstration at the College fo Santa Fe. 

Kent is an active member of the Seattle’ Market the Arts Task Force and part of Yelp’s Coast-to-Coast Community which is a group of business owners and managers who work together to find ways to use Yelp. He has been chosen to return to San Francisco in November to Yelp’s annual gathering where he will be sharing his advice on how to most effectively use Yelp.

He is a dynamic storyteller with insightful humor, an engaging presentation & warm style. He weaves events from his own life and observations into hilarious stories.  He has been seen in Seattle as a regular at The Gay Uncle Time, Wicked Wednesdays at the Rendezvous and the Duo Comedy Showcase 

First Performance Date:
     Wednesday, April 18, 2012

     July 0

     Albuquerque, NM