Jeannine Clarke (Ensemble)

 Jeannine is an actor, director, producer and costume designer in the Seattle area. In addition to being a part of Unexpected Productions, she is also an ensemble member of NERDprov and Twisted Flicks. In 2011 she started Seattle Experimental Theater, and directs the improvised Star Trek show "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and "The Doctor: Improvised Doctor Who".During the day she works in fundraising for a non-profit theatre.

First Performance Date:
     Wednesday, June 1, 2016

     January 0

     Springfield, Oregon


Favorite Improv Games:
     Rock Opera, Pools of Light

Other Jobs:
     Fundraiser, actor, director and producer

Childhood Dream Job:
     Working in Theatre!

Fictional Character:
     Princess Leia

Spirit Animal:
     The noble boston terrier

Favorite Superhero:
     Wonder Woman